Tuesday, April 22, 2014

{Lilli's doctor visit}

Lilli has been somewhat out of sorts for the last couple of weeks. She has also been reluctant to take a bath and has complained at times that her butt hurts. I realized today that when she said "butt" she maybe didn't mean butt. When Grandma asked her, she pointed to her front. After a call to the nurse, we decided it was best to take her in.

The kids were in good spirits before the doctor came in:

Lilli wasn't quite as happy once the doctor came in. She didn't like it that the doctor was talking with her about going pee pee in the potty. I will spare you the details of everything that happened, but we did leave with a special bag :)

We were lucky enough to get a sample to drop off to the lab tomorrow. Hopefully all goes well then and we will have a definitive answer about whether or not she has a bladder infection.

Until later!


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