Friday, April 04, 2014

{Children's Museum + TGIF!}

This has been a LONG week. We didn't really do that much tonight, but the kids had a fun-filled day. They went to the Building for Kids after school with Bumpah. Here are a couple of pics he sent:
 They even had a picnic lunch in the van:
Caden is so silly with his faces he makes...
Caden has been chomping at the bit to watch for Star Wars, so that is what Ryan and the kids did. Lilli came upstairs a little bit to sit with me. I am working on some hats for Max's birthday party next Sunday, and I just needed a little quiet Mommy time. I will post pics of those hats later. I will give you a hint...They are blue and red, and they involve a pom pom on the top :)

Until later!

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