Tuesday, April 01, 2014

{Crafty Sunday: another Ninja Turtle}

Over the weekend I finished up crocheting another Ninja Turtle. I guess that was my Crafty Sunday last week :) This time I made Michelangelo. Caden's buddy Sully (Tricia's son) loved the Tigey I made for Lilli, and then I made a rabbit for his sister's birthday. I have been promising him I would make him a Ninja Turtle like Caden, but I've just been so busy. When Ryan left for the 10 days I really didn't have extra time. I put in the time this past weekend, and I was finally able to deliver the turtle to him on Monday. I should have taken a pic when I gave it to him. It was too cute. Here are just a couple of shots I took quickly after I finished the turtle:

How cute is he? Now Lilli wants one :) Always something new to make!

Until later!

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