Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Half Moon Cay}

Today we spent our day at Half Moon Cay. It is an island owned by the cruise line. The nice part was that even though we left the ship, it was like we never did. Our room cards were all we needed. They even have food right on the island for the guests to eat. Because it is just like being on the ship still, there was no charge for the food. We started a little earlier today than yesterday because we had an excursion today for kayaking. Here is a recap:

We took a tender boat from our ship to the island. Here are some shots from the tender:
Once we got off of the ship, Ryan decided he needed to start the day the right way:
It's around 9:30 am :)
We took a little truck shuttle over to the kayaking area. We got on our life preservers and headed to the two-person kayaks. I left on my coverup, because I didn't need to get any more sun :)
 Look how pretty that water is:
 I wanted to take a view from my perspective of the beautiful water. I ended up focusing on my feet :)

 Ryan's view :)

 Our guide took us to a nice shallow area where we got out. He passed around a conch and a jellyfish:
 There was no way I was going to touch the jellyfish:
 Ryan was not apprehensive about it at all:
 Here we are waiting for our ride back after the trip:
 Nice panoramic shot Ryan took of the beach:
 The water was so beautiful we had to get out and play a little bit:
Still rocking quite the sunburn at this point :)
What a great day! We ended the night like most of the other nights, I played in the casino for a bit and then we headed back to the room to watch some "Big Bang Theory" on TBS. It was wonderful!

Until later!

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