Tuesday, April 29, 2014

{the longest week ever...}

I know it is only Tuesday, but for some reason it feels like it should be Friday. I think it must be the weather. It is so rainy...and dreary...and rainy... I am ready for the springtime weather to return. I guess I only need to hold tight for a week. Yep, that's how long this weather is going to stick around. Yuck... Tonight was kind of a rush of a night, because I met up with some friends for dinner after Ryan got home from work. Unfortunately, I didn't even think to take pics until I came home. I don't know what's been with me for the past couple of days! Sheesh. I will get better :)

After I got home Caden was already sleeping, but Lilli was still looking for some cuddle time. I sat with her while Ryan worked on his homework. He is on a pretty tough stretch Ryan class wise, so he's been a little stressed out. I have been going to bed quite a bit earlier than he does because he is staying up late to work on homework. He also has a take home test this week. Tired boy...

I did realize that I forgot to post a couple pics of the kids that I took right yesterday before we started to read stories. Caden decided he wanted to wear Buzz Lightyear pajamas. Lilli was already in different pajames, but then she wanted Buzz Lightyear, too. The only ones she has are Caden's old ones, which are too small for her now. That didn't stop her:
I love how Caden is saluting. Look at Lilli's tummy!
I said, "Goofy face," but Caden was still serious about his position :)
Cute little squirts :)

Until later!

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