Monday, April 28, 2014

{happy kids=happy mommy}

The best part of today was that the kids were just in a delightful mood. That is not usually a word I use, but that is really the perfect one. For the past week Lilli has been pretty grumpy (bladder infection), so the break from the grumps with two perfectly happy kids who did not fight was great :)

Caden had hockey tonight, and Lilli and I had a great time watching his progress and singing. She loves that. I forgot my phone at home, so I do not have any hockey pics :( I will make sure to get some next time. I was just amazed by how quickly he skates. He was just soaring across the ice. Yes, he still pushes off of one leg like he is skateboarding, but he is FAST!

We ended the evening with a little bit of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." Great night :)

Because I have no pics to share with you from today, I thought I would share another one from when we were gone. This was a pic that Grandma and Bumpah sent us from the 19th:
What a busy morning it was for them :)

Here is the link to the Wednesday from when we were gone. Enjoy!

Until later!

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