Friday, April 25, 2014

{time to get the camper}

With the weather finally turning into Spring (don't look at next week's forecast...), Ryan and I decided that it is time to get the camper out of storage this weekend to start preparing for the summer. I knew one thing I wanted to do for it is to make some new curtains. If you recall, I received a new sewing machine for my birthday (thank you, Ryan), so curtains are high on my list. Don't get me wrong, the camper is in great shape. I just want to update the look. Well, that got me to doing a little of searching for some inspiration on Pinterest. Then I came across this website. I LOVE it! The idea of using the chalkboard paint is so awesome. It just adds one more thing the kids can do in there on a rainy day. I would use a table cloth to put over the chalkboard surface. I don't like the idea of eating right on top of it. I showed the kids the pics, and they really like the idea. I am so excited to start!

Our timeline will begin on Sunday when Ryan will be picking up the camper. My only plan for then is to measure all of the cushions so I know how much fabric to purchase. I am not too sure about a color scheme right now. I will most likely go with something light and airy (and on sale). I am hoping to find the fabric next week during the rainy, rainy week. I also decided that I want a little chandelier. I know it's ridiculous, but I REALLY want a cute little chandelier. I will probably paint it white or something.

I am not sure if Ryan is quite as excited about this new project as I am :) He is most concerned about finding the proper paint to cover the fake wood surfaces so they don't chip right away. I know sanding will be involved. I'm okay with that. I am just excited to start the project. Realistically we won't be able to camp until June, so my goal is to be done by then. I know I sometimes set that bar a little too high... We will see with this one. I will update you with pics along the way:)

Caden and Lilli are very excited to go camping. In fact, Caden told me that he would rather go camping than go on a Disney Cruise. (He has cruise on the mind because we just got back from ours.) That says a lot that he would rather go camping than cruising. Good times:)

And speaking of cruising, here is a link to my post from the Tuesday of our cruise vacation. Our port of call was Nassau. There are some excellent shots of my awesome sunburnt legs. Enjoy!

Until later!

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