Sunday, April 27, 2014

{Let's go fly a kite}

Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha joined us for dinner tonight along with Grandma and Bumpah. This was the first time the kids have seen Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha since before Easter, so they still had another Easter basket. Along with some cute clothes and candy, Caden and Lilli each received a kite. Their first kite. They were a hit! And today's weather was VERY windy, so it was the perfect day to go out to the field behind our house to try them. Check it out:
In case you were wondering, that is our house with the blue roof :)
Aunt Samantha, Grandma, and Mama all stayed inside and enjoyed the view from the warm house :) Caden can't wait to get out there and fly his kite again. Lilli wasn't as interested in holding her kite string as much as simply watching. What a great idea for an Easter present!

Until later!

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