Thursday, December 30, 2010

bye bye bathtub hammock

Lilli made the transition tonight out of the little hammock in her bathtub. I thought it was getting a little too tight for her. She seemed to really enjoy the extra room to wiggle in.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

McDonald's fun and "you must always hold me"

Caden was a happy camper today because we went with Grandma to McDonald's for lunch. He was a good boy and ate his lunch before he played. He LOVES the apple dippers. Those were gone before anything else. Here are some pics of him playing on the playground. He had a blast:

Lilli has decided that she must be held at all times. She can be crying bloody murder, but if you pick her up she is suddenly fine. She has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. She just cries and looks at him and he picks her up. Here she is sitting happily tonight after she got her way and Daddy picked her up. He is trying to get a spoon to balance on her nose:

Here is a pic of Lilli looking too cute yesterday:


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

We have been busy celebrating the holidays lately, so updated the blog has been pretty low on the priority list :) I will do my best to caught you up on the last week here in the Ames household.

We had Christmas Eve at our house this year. We had a great time. Caden and Lilli were spoiled rotten by the family. Here are some of the highlights from the night:

Caden "helps" decorate the cut outs

 Family pic. Check out Caden standing on Ryan's hand.

 The tradition continues.
 Although Caden only really sat through the first page. Lilli looks enthralled.

Caden and Andrew had a great time playing together. Here are the two crazy boys:

We went to the 10:30 pm candle light service at church. We put the kiddos in their pj's before we left, and they were all great. Lilli slept throughout the entire service, and both Caden and Andrew were out about halfway through. Adin slept the entire service just like Lilli.

Christmas morning was great. This is my favorite pic:

Look at that smile on Caden's face... Love it!

Caden checks out the presents before we start opening.


After we opened presents here we headed over to Grandma and Bumpah's to see Reed, Terra, and Ryne who were visited from MN. We had a great time. We also did our Christmas gift exchange there. We may need to build onto the house to hold all of the new things.

Sunday was our traditional run to Green Bay for after Christmas shopping. We always hit Taylor Creek first. The only thing I bought there was a nut cracker for Caden. I am packing it up right away for next year.
Yesterday I was home with the kids, and I just worked on getting things situated in the house. We also got our photos from Thompson, so I was separating those to mail out to family. Here are my favorites:


I hope everyone is having a great time during the holidays!!!

I will leave you with this hilarious pic of Lilli. She looks a little terrified.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas fun

We had a busy weekend of getting things ready for Christmas. I had to make cookies for our school cookie exchange that was this year. I was a cookie making fool. Caden thoroughly enjoyed being a cookie taster for me.

Friday was my school's holiday party. Ryan and I went for about 1 1/2 hours. We had a nice time. I would have liked to have stayed longer, but I was very tired.

Saturday I made all of the dough for the cookies. Other than that we just hung out at the house. It was nice.

Sunday we went to Grandma and Bumpah's for dinner. We had Christmas early with Danny and Sam after dinner since we won't see them on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day most likely. Caden LOVED his present from them. They got him a Cars Lighting McQueen 4-wheeler. The rest of us may as well send our presents back :) Here is a video that Ryan shot of him enjoying his new toy.


This week will be a short one since I only have school through Wednesday. It will be nice to have some more time home with the kids. I miss them when I am away from them.

I will leave you with some pics!

 "Caden, don't drink the water." That is what is often said during bath time.

 Lilli is too cool

 Here is a pic from Caden at the frame show at the Paine two weeks ago.

 Caden cooking in his kitchen.


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Caden and Lilli went to see Santa tonight. Lilli was fine with Santa, but Caden was not a fan. In the pic he is pointing to me and saying "Mama." Too funny! The pic isn't the best quality because I took a picture of the picture with my phone. I will have to scan the real one.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love my babies!

This morning Ryan was Mister Mom and got the kids all up and ready by himself to take to Grandma's house. He did very well. He even was able to sneak in a picture for me:

How cute are they?!

Danny also stopped by this evening to take our Christmas photo for us. I have to go through the pics and pick out the best one. It makes it pretty hard to get a good one with two adults, two kids, and two dogs. I hope we have a great one!


Monday, December 13, 2010

where is the time going?

I swear that the time is flying! I know I haven't been updating the blog every night, and I just don't have as much time now. I will do my best, but now that I am back to school things are super busy. It is 9:45pm right now, and I just got done putting the meatloaf together for tomorrow's dinner. That is what I feel like I am always doing now. Not making meatloaf, but figuring out ways to make things a little easier "tomorrow."

This past weekend we had a huge winter storm here. In preparation of it we went grocery shopping, got our Christmas tree, and bought new snow boots for Caden and me on Friday. Friday was also when Ryan and Danny took Grammie to Chicago to meet Uncle Johnny. I was very sad to see her go. At least I can now talk about it without crying. That's a plus, right? :) Miss you Grammie!

I didn't take a ton of pics this weekend. I accidentally erased a couple pics off of our camera that we needed, so Danny has the card right now to retrieve the pics. I will update with more pics after he gets that back to me. Here are a few that I do have from my phone from this weekend:

Our Christmas tree
Two hours into the snow storm

The next morning after the snow storm

Caden helping Mommy make Christmas cookies

Daddy running around with Lilli

Lilli with Aunt Alexis. She watched both kiddos tonight


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

water park, baptism, spoiling

Last Friday after work Ryan picked me up. He had the car loaded with the kids, Grammie, and our luggage for an overnight trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. Ryan had a WOA board meeting Saturday morning, so we decided it would be fun to all go. We were right. Caden LOVED the water. Here are some highlights:


My favorite part was when we were walking to one of the water areas. We had to take Caden out of the water and he said, "Dada more fun." It was adorable. We will definitely be going back the next time Ryan has a meeting. In fact, we are thinking that a trip sometime in March would be fun with Cousin Andrew, too.

Saturday we left the Dells around 2 pm, so that Ryan could get to the Omro Holiday parade on time. He said it was VERY cold, but he had a good time. I didn't take the kiddos because it was too cold for them. Plus I needed to start getting ready for Lilli's baptism on Sunday. We prepped the veggies for the strata and baked and frosted a cake.

Mom and Bill got into town around midnight Saturday night. They were supposed to be in earlier, but their flight was delayed because of the weather in Milwaukee. They got to the house and then we went to bed.

Sunday morning Grammie and I were up early to get the food put together for the baptism. We made a Brunch Strata and Southwestern Egg bake. We also started a ham in the crockpot. They were both very good. My friend Sheri came over to our house to start the food in the oven while we were at church. Thanks, Sheri! :)

The baptism went very well. Lilli was wonderful. Everyone told me that the way she held her hands it made it look like she was praying.

Caden was a two year old. I held him during the baptism. He woke up with a cold that morning, so he kept trying to touch his nose. I had to pull his hand down. That went on for a little while. People started snickering a little, so I think he liked be the center of attention. He then wanted to go to Grandma, but he only got half way and then stopped. He ended back up with me again. Little stinker! :)

The food all turned out well. I was very grateful that Pam, Linda, Sam, and Alexis also helped with the  food. I thought I would have too much, but it turned out to be the perfect amount.

 Here is the cake I made.

Lilli received wonderful gifts from everyone. Here are a few pics:

Monday Caden and Lilli were spoiled by Grammie, Oma (my mom), and Papa (Bill). Caden even said, "Oma," so my mom was happy about that.

Today we had everyone over again so we could celebrate Dave's birthday early. His actual birthday is tomorrow. Grammie made tons of great food. Yum!

I also love these two pics:
We took Caden's high chair off and put it by the window. He crawled up and into it.

 Here is Lilli sleeping on Grammie's lap.

Have a great night!