Tuesday, October 01, 2013

{hockey boy-week four}

Yesterday was the first time I could really see an improvement in Caden's skating. Now that doesn't mean it's perfect skating, because it's not--

But to be fair, that video was right when practice began. He seems to have a little adjustment period always right at the beginning of class. He got better and better as the class progressed. I would have taken more pics, but Lilli was playing on my phone :)

Here is a shot she took of me giving Caden a pep talk--
Actually, he skated over to point out a game system to me that a little boy was playing with in the bleachers :) I am not sure how he noticed that from the ice.

Daddy even bought Lilli some hot chocolate. Here they are cooling it down--

Caden is already looking forward to practice on Thursday.

Until later!

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