Saturday, October 12, 2013

{lots of fun on our busy day}

The kids and I sure packed in a lot today. It started after we dropped Minka off at daycare and headed to the library. This was especially exciting for Lilli, because she got her first library card. Caden also got a replacement for his because it was very bent:

She was very happy. Both kids picked out some books and also some CD's for the van. The also played there for a little bit.

The kids put on a puppet show for me--

Caden found a chair in the teen section to be quite comfy--

I am happy that they love it at the library so much. I want to make sure we go more often. I remember loving to go there when I was a kid. 

After that we went to Educare as I promised the kids. They LOVED it there, and we picked up a cool new toy to play with at restaurants. Here are some shots from the store.

Lilli always pushes around the toy shopping cart--

Caden loves the train table--

And Lilli had a lot of fun with the felt board--

After Educare we were hungry, so we stopped at Qdoba for a bite to eat. Caden was reading the "Go to" on the sign as we left. He is starting to love to read :)

After a little nap time break, we headed to Jet Stream to get the van washed and the interior cleaned. That's always entertaining.

Those other kids were from another family getting their van washed.

The kids played with the new suction cuppy toy while we waited:

They can suction onto each other or any flat surface:

It was a great day!

Until later!

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