Saturday, October 26, 2013

{a fun Saturday}

Even though Caden's birthday was on Friday, Saturday was still all about him. We had a great day. We started by trick-or-treating at our local grocery store, Festival. The kids loved it there. Caden was Iron Man and Lilli was Iron Maiden:

There were different stations throughout the store. This worked out well because I needed to grocery shop anyway--

There was cookie decorating--

And they enjoyed their creations--

We then stopped by the comic book store to pick up some Halloween specials of the comics the kids like. (I forgot to take pics...)

We then hit up Chuck E. Cheese with Uncle Danny.

I love how serious Lilli is when she plays games--

Caden had to ride on his favorite roller coaster game--

So much fun--

I just think this pic is hilarious--

The next stop was Build a Bear for a new outfit for their animals.

The kids were exhausted by the end of the day. In between doing all of that, I worked on the finishing touches for the birthday party. This included working on and finishing the cake. Whew! Daddy even found some time to work on some science experiments with the kids (notice Caden is wearing the new police uniform he got from Oma and Papa)--

A very busy but great day!

Until later,

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