Sunday, October 06, 2013

{Madison trip}

Ryan and I decided last night that we would head to Madison today after church to see Cara, Jordon, Andrew, and Baby William. We wanted to hit up Costco, and Caden has been talking about going to play at Andrew's house for a long time. We left for Madison right after church, and we had a great lunch at Sardine. Here are the kiddos after filling their tummies:

The kids then played at Aunt Cara and Uncle Jordon's house while mommy and daddy went to Costco. It was a VERY successful shopping trip. I am most excited about the winter coat with matching snow pants I snagged for Lilli for $30. She loves it. We also got a few Christmas among other things.

While we were shopping, everyone else stayed back at the house and then walked to the park. Here are a couple of shots from Aunt Cara:
Monkeying around--

 Posing on the hippo--

Caden did NOT want to leave when we got back to the house to pick them up. We will have to visit again soon :)

I will leave you with a pic of Lilli from this AM before we left for church:
Gotta love the accessories!!!

Until later!

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