Sunday, February 23, 2014

{Influenza strikes!}

Lilli was still miserable this AM, so we decided to take her to the walk-in clinic. Her fever wasn't budging, and she was just the saddest little thing to look at:
 Ryan took Lilli to the doctor while I took Caden to get a new hockey helmet. Did I mention he is starting hockey again tomorrow? He is. More about that later in the week :) Anyway, Lilli has Influenza :(
And yes, she did have the flu shot this year. It's just a different strain. When she went in to the doctor, her temp was sitting at 102.8. She was prescribed Tamiflu, and she is still pretty miserable. I am happy that her fever appears to have FINALLY broken at about 8 pm. This is the first time she has felt cool to the touch since Friday. She is still exhausted. I finally brought her downstairs to the livingroom this AM at around 3:30. She couldn't get comfortable in our bed. She just tossed and turned, and she didn't want to be away from us to sleep in her own bed. She then dozed on and off. She wanted me holding her, so I didn't sleep very much. It is just such a horrible feeling when your little one is suffering and you can't do anything. Another thing that helped her feel better is Ryan gave her a bath. She didn't want one, but I think being all nice and clean really helped to make her feel better. She is currently sleeping, and I hope she stays that way for a nice stretch of time to get some solid sleep.

Caden ended up going to Grandma and Bumpah's to play for a little bit, and that turned in to him spending the night there :) I think it was nice for him to get away. Plus when he is there, he is the center of their worlds. He needed that after having to be put on the back burner with Lilli being sick. And the added bonus was that he got to play with his cousin Andrew for a little bit. Look at the pic I got:

Here's to hoping Ryan, Lilli, and I can get some sleep tonight :)

Until later!

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