Wednesday, February 05, 2014

{Organization Wednesday: Entry Way}

Hello! Today I decided to try to figure out a different way to organize the entry way so it doesn't end up looking like this:

Not good...

The main problem is with all of the snow, we need a place to put our shoes when we get home. The kids more times than not just walk right out of their shoes as they walk in, and then the shoes are right in the middle of the rug. I didn't want to have to buy anything new, so I looked around the house. I realized that I had a shoe tray in the garage, so I brought that into the house and scrubbed it clean. Then I removed the little table thing where the plant was resting. That thing was in the way anyway. I transferred the plant onto the end table that holds the dog leashes and shopping bags. With the little table thing out, I had room to put the shoe tray there. What do you think?

Much better :)

Until later!

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