Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{Organization Wednesday: Craft Club Cookies!}

Tonight I had to devote my time to frosting 100 heart-shaped cookie cut-outs for a Craft Club fundraiser. That was my form of organization :) I am one of the advisers of Craft Club at school, and we decided that we wanted to try to raise some money to offset the cost of the supplies so that anyone can participate without having to pay. This was our first fundraiser. We decided to pre-sell cookies to be delivered during school with a special message for Valentine's Day. We will be delivering them tomorrow, because the kids do not have school on Friday. We sold 100 cookies at $1 a piece. It cost me $30 in supplies, so after paying myself back we made $70! Not too bad for the first time. The Craft Club president and vice president used my tag punch to make the cards for the cookies, and they hand wrote the messages:
 Aren't they pretty?

Until later!

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