Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{Project Life: Week Seven}

Welcome to a tour of last week's Project Life! Check out the highlights from our lives last week. If you want to learn more about Becky Higgins' Project Life, click here. It is a perfect way to capture the memories we are creating every day.

Last week's layout was fun, because I was able to use some of my new birthday goodies to put it together. I received a ton of great stickers and other Project Life items. I couldn't wait to try them out. Here is last week's layout:
 I used Design Layout A for both pages this week:
I love this card I used as the week marking card. It was in one of the packs I got for my birthday. I squared the days that were covered last week, and I added the little sticker to the left side:
I decided to include the mini Valentine's Day cards I made for the kiddos. They fit very well in the pockets, and I just think Lilli's is so cute:
 As I said before, I used the same page set up for the right side:
I love this collage:
Ryan was impressed that the kids' faces are different in each pic.
 This punch out was perfect to put on the pics I included of Caden playing with the garbage can:

Tonight the kids wanted to write on their dry erase boards they received from us as part of their Valentine's gifts. Caden made a sign for his door. It says: No Stranger. And he also wrote his name on it. He doesn't quite understand that letters in the same word need to stay next to each other :) If you look, you can see that the "er" from "stranger" is right next to his name. Makes it look like: Cadener:
Here is a sweet pic from tonight. Lilli wanted to write "Mama" on her dry erase board, so Caden was helping her by showing her how to make an M. What a helper:

Until later!

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