Sunday, May 18, 2014

{Dave's farewell lunch}

Today we had a little get together for my bro Dave, because he is moving to Florida at the end of the month. It was probably the most beautiful day we have had so far this year, so we spent a lot of time outside. Here is a pic of Lilli from before everyone got to our house:
Can you tell she likes Goldfish crackers? She is a goon...

Minka apparently got a little too warm in the sun, so she managed to wedge herself under our deck:
Don't worry, she got out :)

I even made Dave a cake in the shape of Florida:
Here are my favorite shots:
I just love the field in our backyard. It almost looks like a fake backdrop :)
I also love this shot that Ryan got of Caden from later in the evening. They went on a bike ride, and then they made a stop at the playground at Carl Traeger:
What a fast little man!

With my two big weekends behind me (first prom, and then the shower), I am hoping to relax a little and take some time for myself. Oh, that and start the camper reno. Maybe I will just rest for one day...

Until later!

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