Monday, May 19, 2014


As I said before, I am going to take a little bit of time to focus on time for myself. It started this evening with a trip to Walgreens with Lilli. It was raining, so she was thrilled to get to use her umbrella:
After Ryan and Caden got back from hockey, I headed to the salon :) I always like getting my hair done. I will post some pics later so you can see my summer locks.

Instead of cleaning when I got home, Ryan and I watched some of the MANY recordings we have of the show "Once Upon a Time." We have a lot of recordings of shows we used to watch. It was so nice... It is amazing how little things can be so great. I know I take on too much sometimes...I know...but that doesn't stop me from taking on a little more next time. I like projects. I like making things. I like making people happy. I don't need recognition for it. I LOVE making cakes for people, especially kids. I like seeing when they enjoy them. That makes the stress at the time worth it. That being said, I know that I need to do a better job of sometimes limiting my number of projects. I am working on it. Believe it or not, I have reworked plans recently when I realized if I kept going as I was, I would probably go a little crazy. I am working on it.

Until later!

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