Saturday, May 17, 2014

{baby shower later}

Today was Samantha's baby shower, and it was wonderful. I have a TON of pics to share with you, but I still need some time to sort through them. I am planning to do a pic overload post on Wednesday :)

I will jump to right after the shower. My brother brought the kiddos to the church, because he needed to load of their car with the shower goodies. The kids were really well-behaved there, and they were really excited to play on the playground across the street after we finished cleaning up. The weather was just beautiful:
I love this pic :)
After Ryan got home from class, we decided to spend some more time outside. Ryan and Caden headed off on their bikes, and Lilli wanted to be pushed in a stroller. She told me she was tired :) Must be nice... Ryan had fun taking slo-mo videos of Caden running down a hill. Here is one of them:

I have to be honest, I also took a nap before bedtime. It was glorious. I need to do that more often :)

Until later!

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