Saturday, May 03, 2014

{Educare and lightsabers}

The kids and I decided to head to the educational store Educare today. I bought a couple new borders for my classroom for next year, and the kids used some of their money they got for Easter. Caden picked out a new Playmobil police officer set, and Lilli chose a new stuffed animal (Why? I have no idea...) and a science experiment book. They had a great time playing with all of the hands-on toys there. Lilli asked me to take this pic of her as we left the store:
 What a ham...

Once we got home the kids took a little bit of a rest, and then we headed outside for a bit. The temperature wasn't bad, but it was pretty windy. Can you tell from this pic?
Caden is playing with his new Playmobil toy in the pic.
 The kids then wanted to send some pics to Dada of some sweet lightsaber skills:

I told them to make silly faces. Caden informed me that Jedis don't do that. My bad...
I love this pic:
So serious!

I can't tell you how excited I am for his Star Wars party in October. I know it's far off, but I have already begun to buy some things...of course :)

Until later!

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