Saturday, May 10, 2014

{Musical prep + PROM!}

It was a PACKED day today. Our first commitment was musical practice at church for Caden from10-11:30. He did a great job, and Lilli kept busy with her Baby Stella:
Then the kids and I went home and got gussied up:
We got to my high school around 3:15 pm. The prom festivities were about to begin! It started today with Grand March. I am happy to say that Caden did go through with it. He was a little apprehensive when he saw how many people were packed inside of the auditorium. I may have bribed him with a new Power Rangers toy :)

Here is a shot of Caden on the stage:
No, he is not smiling. I don't think it would be possible for him to look any more serious than he does. I was just proud that he went through with it. After Grand March, Caden and Lilli left with Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha for a sleep over. I think they ended up having fun:
 Ryan and I still had a LONG night ahead of us. The dance went until midnight, and then we had to tear down the decorations. Check us out:
Prom again after a few years. Okay, maybe a little more than a few years :)

They even had a photo booth:
So much fun...

Until later!

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