Sunday, October 19, 2014

{Zooloween 2014}

The kids put their Halloween costumes to the test today at the Oshkosh Zooloween. We even found out there was a costume contest, and the kids got second place in their category. It was a great time :) Here are the highlights:
We met up with Baby Stella, Aunt Samantha, and Uncle Danny:

Caden was thrilled to run into Hallie, his "girlfriend" from 4K
Look at those smiles :)
 The kids were surprised to see Daddy as a Storm trooper.
Ryan was there passing out candy for Rotary.
Here the kiddos are on the stage waiting to hear the results:
 Second Place for their category!

This was our first time going to Zooloween, and I know we will go again in the future. The kids had a great time. When we got home it was time to get things ready for dinner. Today was Aunt Samantha's birthday, so we had dinner here to celebrate. While I was getting things ready I noticed the kids were being very quiet. I came out to the living room to find this:
I could have cried. I LOVE puzzles. Neither kid has every shown a really big love for puzzles, but I have always dreamed of the day when we will be able to sit next to each other and put together a puzzle. We are a little closer now :) Plus, how cute is he in this pic?! I love it that he is still wearing his little suspenders with his pants. So cute...

Until later!

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