Saturday, October 25, 2014

{Happy 6th Birthday, Caden}

How is it possible that this little guy (who is no longer so little) is 6?! Well, he is. Today was his 6th birthday, and we had a great day.

We started with gymnastics for Lilli:
Then a Starbucks run for some green tea lemonade and scones:
The kids went trick-or-treating at Festival Foods while I picked up some late minute items for Caden's party tomorrow:
Here's a pic of Mary and Bert before we went to the grocery store.
We went to Red Robin for his birthday lunch, which included his very own sundae:
Given the choice to go anywhere for dinner, he chose to stay home and have me make lasagna. Not too bad :) After dinner he decided to put together one of his Lego sets:

We had some cake:
Caden opened his presents from us:
And it was time for bed!!!

Until later!

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