Wednesday, October 22, 2014

{why do we buy toys?}

Wednesday night is when Ryan meets with his eMBA group, so I try to have something fun to do with the kids. Tonight I decided to grab some empty boxes from work to let the kids make "cars." They LOVED it. They spent so much time working on their cars. First, Lilli painted the outside:
Then she decided to add some detail on this inside:
Notice she was in the box and on top of the counter. The box outside was still too wet to move, but she insisted she needed to work on the inside.

Caden also spent a lot of time on his:
He also had me cut secret slots and things into his. These boxes entertained them for the entire night. So I ask, why do we buy toys?
He is also snuggled up with a cool Star Wars blanket that he got in the mail today that Grammy made for him :)
Until later!

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