Saturday, October 18, 2014

{Halloween costume update}

So far so good this weekend. I have gotten quite a bit accomplished. Lilli did have gymnastics this morning. There were some tears at first (I have no idea why...), but all ended well :) I took a short video. I recorded through the glass window, so try to ignore the horrible glare:
The rest of the day went as planned. We did quite a bit of shopping, and I was able to check a lot off of my Christmas lists. Yay!!!

My biggest accomplishment for tonight was pretty much finishing the kids' Halloween costumes. I tried to keep it simple. Here is a pic that Ryan took:
How adorable are they?! Lilli also has an umbrella, but it was outside drying while he took this pic. I am pretty pleased by how well these both turned out. The best part? The kids absolutely love them. Makes it all worth it :)

Until later!

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