Saturday, January 25, 2014

{Celebrating Dada's birthday + Thomas cake}

Tonight we celebrated Dada's birthday. It isn't until Wednesday, but we wanted to be able to celebrate with Aunt Cara, Uncle Jordon, Andrew, Baby William, Grandma, and Bumpah. So everyone came over for dinner after Dada got back from class. While he was gone the kiddos and I had some fun. Well, Lilli slept (in her cocoon) and Caden and I goofed around.
 I started making dinner around 4 pm, and Lilli helped me get the veggie tray setup:
 The kids were thrilled when the boys got here. They played non-stop. I did a roasted tenderloin with A LOT of help from my father-in-law. I was SO happy he got here early enough to trim the whole beef tenderloin for me. (Before he got here, I The end result was a pretty tasty tenderloin. Dada wanted apple bars instead of a cake, so he was a happy camper. We didn't sing, but he won't get away with no singing for his birthday. I am planning another birthday dinner on Wednesday night (his actual birthday), and Uncle Danny and Aunt Samantha will be joining us. There will be singing. Here are some pics we took tonight. Not many with adults. Those kids are just too cute to not photograph:
The other thing I did today was finish up a cake for a high school friend of mine. Her son was having a Thomas the Train birthday party, and she asked me if I could make the cake for them. Here is the end result:
I was pretty please, and Dean, her son, LOVED it. That is what makes it worth the time :)

Until later!

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