Wednesday, January 22, 2014

{Organization Wednesday: the Junk Drawer & Easy Bake Oven}

We all have a junk drawer. We don't expect it to look pretty, but at least we want to be able to find whatever it may be that we need from said drawer. That is the problem with ours. I can't always find what I need. And usually it is something that is needed immediately, like superglue or something. I decided it was time to conquer ours, and do it this time in a way that would last. This involved a trip to Target. Oh darn... Here is what I found:

The first thing I did was pull EVERYTHING out of the drawer. Oh,  you want to see what it looked like before? Okay...

Yep...horrible. There was an attempt at organization. Do you see that large bag for the writing utensils? That never worked.

Here is the clean drawer:
I also evaluated what we really needed to keep upstairs when I had everything out of the drawer. Did we really need 25 pens in the drawer? Uh, no. I didn't throw them away, I am just storing them downstairs with office supplies. Here are the after pics:

I put the large tape rolls behind the organizer trays.

So lovely. Now the trick will be to keep it that way :)

I will leave you with some pics from last night. Nicole gave the kiddos an Easy Bake Oven, and we decided to break it out last night. The kids made "cupcakes." I am not really sure if we can call them that... They were pretty tiny. I will say, after my first attempt with the machine...not a fan. Lilli asked me at one point, "Mama, are you happy?" I said yes. She said, "Then why does your face look like that?" Yep, she could tell. The batter smeared all over when Caden pushed in the tray. The kids still had fun. Here are the pics:

Until later!

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