Tuesday, January 07, 2014

{Project Life Tuesday + no school!}

Welcome to a tour of these week's Project Life! I am pleased to announce that I was able to complete this week without a problem. The closest thing that I had to a problem was just having too many pictures!

Here is what the first page of the album is:

Week One:

I love that I was able to include the kids' time capsules in here so well.
I love his favorite dessert :)
Who doesn't want to be a Princess Sophia eye doctor?
I am really excited about Project Life. For this week I used only Design A pages. I think Project Life will really be speeding up and simplifying my scrapping. I also like how there still is a nice scrappy look to it.

Today was another day off of school. It was bitterly cold again:

The kids did not have quite as much energy today as they did yesterday. In fact, Caden never even made it out of his pajamas :) That doesn't mean that it was a boring day! The played with a lot of their toys, and they also decided to go camping in the living room.

Lilli was in charge of bringing the tent.

It was a great day!

Until later!

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