Friday, January 17, 2014

{Fitness Friday: sad trombone}

This week was a total fitness flop! It was the last week of the semester, so we had exams this week. I was closing out grades, grading late work from students.... I was exhausted. The alarm would go off in the morning, and I would tell myself I would work out that evening instead so I could sleep a little longer. Didn't happen. Night would come and I would be just as tired as I was that am. Sheesh! Anyway, not going to let that discourage me :)

Tomorrow is a new day, and I am hoping to start T25 tomorrow morning with the kids. Ryan will have class, so it will be just the kiddos and Mama. Caden thinks workout DVD's are cool, so I thought I would give it a try. It's only 25 minutes, so if they get bored they can play a game instead. Then Ryan and I are starting the full program on Monday. (Did I mention he twisted his ankle last week? It's still bothering him.)

I hope to have a great update for you next Friday!

I will leave you with some pics from back a couple of weeks. I took the kids to the dentist over break to check out their toothers. They did such great jobs! Lilli even sat on her own and let them use the polishing tool on her! I couldn't believe it. Here are some pics:
I think Caden liked wearing the sunglasses :)
Here is Dr. Michelle Wihlm checking out the teeth.
Lilli was such a good girl.
Each kiddo got a certificate for being in the No Cavity Club.
Have a great weekend! Be active this weekend!


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