Monday, January 06, 2014

{Crafty Sunday Recap + no school}

Yesterday was Crafty Sunday, and it was a great day of crafting. I finished by cross stitching project, but because it is a surprise present for someone, I can't really show it to you. I did take a little sneak peek pic:

I will be able to show you the entire thing later this week. I plan to mail it to the recipient tomorrow :)

The other thing I did was plan my layout for this week for Project Life. Here are planning pages that I am using to keep track of what we do daily:
I won't include all of this info in the album, but it is nice to have just in case. My goal is to always remain caught up with this, but the planning pages will have everything right there for me in case I get behind. Let's face...that happens :)

The pages are very nice! I was going to put my pages together last night, but because I knew I wouldn't have school today, I decided to hold off until today. You will see the pages tomorrow.

As I said before, we had no school today. All schools in the area are closed. It is COLD! Look at this:

Doesn't it just make your bones hurt?!

The kids and I kept busy today. Here is a run down of some of the things we did...

Caden and I got up first, so we had some nice snuggle time on the couch:

Here is a shot of Sleeping Beauty in our bed:

Caden rode his bike:

Lilli worked on writing her name:

Lilli did some paper crafting:
This was the perfect time for me to complete this week's spread for Project Life :)

Caden played with the Hall of Justice and the Bat Cave:

Caden built a robot on his Handy Manny tool bench:

And we also had a tea party:
It was a busy day! Somewhere in all of that, I also made some potato and sausage soup for dinner. Yum... Grammy's recipe :)

And the best school again tomorrow!!! They called it off again because it is supposed to be just as cold tomorrow.

Until later!

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