Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{Organization Wednesday: School Edition + Happy Birthday, Ryan!}

I have to start by saying Happy Birthday to Ryan. We started the morning right with our T25 workout. I will post pics from tonight and his birthday dinner tomorrow :)

I decided to switch things up a bit for Organization Wednesday and show off some of my organizational techniques in my classroom. I know I did a little classroom tour before school started, but this time I can let you see a little bit more of where I spend the bulk of my week.

I will start with the table where my students turn in their work:
I love it... It makes me happy :)

I have a basket for each class I teach so the work doesn't get mixed up.

I also have the organizer here with supplies that my students may use:
I have this in the front of my room:
I put extra copies of assignments for each class. Then I have them in one spot. It saves a lot of time for me when students need an extra copy.

Here is my bulletin board with information for my students. I have my weekly lesson plans posted here, the school calendar, and also the grading scale that I use:
Here are some overall shots of my classroom:
Looking from the front to the back
Another shot from the front looking to the back
From the back looking to the front
Here is my desk:
Yes, it usually looks like this. I can't stand it when I have things piled up on my desk. I can't function that way. By the end of the day, I will also have that stack of papers and book put away as well.

I did end up filling the bulletin board with pics:
I also have pics behind my desk:
And on the radiator (Is that what it is?) next to my desk:
I also have pics from the kids (both home and school kids) below
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my organizational items in my classroom! Next week I will be back at home with my Organization Wednesday :)

Until later!

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