Wednesday, January 08, 2014

{Organization Wednesday + Aunt Lexie time}

I am so grateful that I decided to do Organization Wednesday. It is forcing me to make sure to work on a project to post on here. I have decided that there is no such thing as organizing something too small. This week was NOT a great organizational week. With Monday and Tuesday off of work, I could have used that time to clean and organize--I didn't. Instead I chose to play with the kids and work on a craft project. (It's super cute, and I will let you know about that next week.) Truthfully, I didn't organize this space until tonight. And I think a lot of people will agree with me that this space quickly gets cluttered. It's the "I will deal with it later" space. I am talking about...the top of the dresser. Mine is somewhat of a catch-all. I get up to my room, I am tired from the day, and then I realize I have something in there I forgot to put away. Maybe it needs to go in one of the kids' rooms, or simply doesn't belong in my room. At this point another trip downstairs isn't happening, so I put it on top of my dresser to deal with in the morning. But that doesn't always happen... So then your dresser ends up looking like this:

There is A LOT going on there. One of my sweatshirts, a top of Lilli's...nail polish from when I was going to paint my nails and also orange from when I did paint Lilli's. Too much stuff. I decided to go through it all. Here is the end result:
Look how pretty! I put everything away. It didn't take very long either. I ended up getting rid of the tart burner. I don't use it very much. Instead I replaced it with one of my Glade Apple scented candles. I am a sucker for the smell of apples :) I left the basket up there. I have it there to keep things until I put them away. I pulled out all of the coupons and receipts I had in there. Lilli's monitor now rests in there as well. I think I want to downsize the basket. It's just a little too big. I will put up another pic once I do that. Overall, I think it looks MUCH better. What do you think?

Ryan and I went to dinner tonight, so Caden and Lilli were lucky enough to have Aunt Lexie come over to play with them. Here is a shot of those goofballs:

Until later!

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