Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{Organization Wednesday: children's artwork}

I don't know about you, but I seem to have piles of artwork from the kids all over the house...
The top one is from Sunday school.

We display a lot of it:
Is it time to pull down the Christmas artwork....?
It is definitely time to take down the two-headed Thanksgiving turkey :)
Here are Caden's homework sheets from school.
Unfortunately, there is no way to display all of it. I was stumped by how to organize it all. I did some searching online to find a solution. I had to criteria for the solution: 1) It must be free, and 2) It has to look nice. I ended up decided to use from magazine organizers I had down in my scrapping room. They only have a few things in them that I could easily reorganize to another room. I put each kid's name on one of them, and then I put their work in the holder. Once these are too full to hold all of the work, I will relocate to a tote. Here is how they look on my shelf in the scrapping room:

I am looking forward to also displaying the kids' work in a more formal way. I am also excited that we received a frame like this for Christmas:
We will be able to change out the kids' artwork. I think I will probably snag another one so I have one for each kiddo.

I also found a horizontal artwork holder at Target in their organization section they put out right after New Year's. It can hold three pieces of artwork. I will take a pic of this one once I put it up in the playroom.

I will leave you with a pic from Lilli last night. She decided instead of taking a bath that she wanted to take a shower. She cracks me up...

Until later!

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