Saturday, January 04, 2014

{Green Bay Children's Museum}

Today was a great day. The weather wasn't too cold yet, so we decided it would be great to leave the house. We drove to Green Bay with Grandma and Bumpah and went to the Green Bay Children's Museum. We first stopped at Titletown Brewery for some lunch. It was GREAT. I got this shot of Lilli with Dada:

The Children's Museum was a big hit. It is different than the one we usually visit, so of course they loved it. Here are some of the things they did:

Our first stop was in the sport area. Found a great spot for a family pic:

Lilli then headed to the art studio:

Caden found something he LOVED, so he grabbed Lilli to show here. There was an area where you could climb into a mouth, through the digestive tract, and then end up in a toilet. Yep. You read that correctly. There were even gas noises...

 Caden and I then went to the store so I could grab some groceries. He checked out my items and bagged them for me:

One of the kids' favorite areas was the water area:

There was a sand play area as well:

Caden really liked the clubhouse he could climb up and into:

We spent quite a bit of time in the diner. The kids made sure we had enough to drink and eat:


The kids helped take care of some animals at the Vet Clinic:

There were a couple of fires that needed to be put out:


We then popped back into the sports area one more time and did some tailgating. Lilli grilled for us:

After a couple of hours we headed to the Neville Museum, or as Caden called it, the "adult children's museum." They had an exhibit of what some of the windows of some of the stores used to look like during the holidays. They kids weren't as entertained as at the children's museum, but they still had fun:
Lilli found another place to color :)
A sample of what one of the windows used to look like
 We also went through the rest of the history museum. I love this pic. Lilli is covering her ears anticipating that the mammoth was going to make a noise. I told her it wouldn't. Guess what? It did...

Caden's favorite part was this cave:

How funny do they look?!

What a great day!

Until later!

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