Sunday, February 01, 2015

{poor Caden...}

Last night did NOT go as planned. We got a call from Alexis at 11:30 pm that Caden had thrown up two times. We went to pick both of the kids up, and poor Caden got sick again in the van on the way home. It was a very long night for both Caden and Daddy :( They were up all night, because Caden got sick every hour until around 9:30 am. This, of course, meant no church for the kiddos either.

It was a very lazy and unproductive day. Caden really just wanted to be held. Luckily he was feeling a little better later in the day. He was even starting to act like his goofy self again:
He won't be able to go to school again, but we are hoping that by Tuesday he will be ready to go back. Fingers crossed!

Until later!

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