Monday, May 01, 2017

{The Milwaukee Zoo}

Because the kids had a different spring break than I did, they got some bonus fun time. One of those days was Thursday, April 20th when they went to the zoo with Grandma, Grandma, Mauricio PDS, Gabi PDS, and Gabi's cousin Allison. They had a great time. The weather was a little chilly, but the kids had a great time. So much so that Lilli added the Milwaukee Zoo to our Summer Bucket List. I'll give you the details about our Summer Bucket List later :) Here are the pics Grandma and Grandpa took from the fun day. Enjoy!
What a good looking group!!!

Their faces are so precious. 
Can you tell Gabi enjoyed her time with Daddy?

Lilli and Grandma

Love the smiles!

Caden got in on the carosel action, too.

Not all of the animals were out, but they still saw quite a few.

Water globe

I don't think her tongue is always like this...

Relaxing those feet with a little massage.

Until later!

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