Wednesday, May 10, 2017

{summer bucket lists & summer daily schedule}

It always seems like we have such big plans at the beginning of the summer, then we blink twice and it is gone. We are not going to worry about that this summer. The kids always want to do so many things, and I want to be able to get in the most important things. So I sat the kid down two weeks ago and asked them what the top 10 things were they wanted to do. I figured 10 each was manageable. I also hoped that there would be some overlap with the lists. Because I let each kiddo make their own list, they put a lot of thought into them:

Another thing I wanted to do was created a summer schedule for us. I know that this may change from time to time, but I think this is a good skeleton of a schedule. It will change things up so we don't just fall into the laziness that can be the beginning of summer. Caden did inform me that he wants to be lazy and sleep in for the first 10 days of summer. I told him I would allow it :) I wanted things to vary day-to-day, so here is what I created:

MONDAY:          Make a Craft Monday (Kids can choose a craft to make)

TUESDAY:          Take a Dip Tuesday (Go to the pool or play in the water)

WEDNESDAY:   Wild Card Wednesday (Kids' Choice)

THURSDAY:       Take a Trip Thursday (Day trip to Madison or a museum)

FRIDAY:              Fitness Friday (Something extra active like a longer bike ride) 

I also have summer workbooks for the kids to do a little academics over the summer. I plan to have them work in those for about 15-20 minutes on week days. It won't hurt them to keep up their practice with math and other subjects. 

Now that we have it all planned out, summer can't come fast enough!

Until later!

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