Tuesday, May 23, 2017

{sprained ankle=Lilli must slow down}

Lilli is well now and as goofy as ever, but that wasn't the case today at school. Let's start by going back to last week. :)She twisted her ankle last Monday, and we had been nursing it a little ever since. This included a wrap on it and some Ibuprofen. Of course she retwisted it today in gym. Lots of pain, swelling, a pretty shade of black and blue. Thankfully Grandma Pam was able to get her from school. I met them at the doctor, and he said it's a high ankle sprain. Out of soccer and gymnastics until next week at the earliest. Doctor's note for no gym through June 1st to be safe. If she's feeling better, he said soccer practice next Tuesday should be ok, but there should be no pain at that point. The trick will be to have her remember to take it easy. The girl does love her some cartwheels, and she wasn't pleased tonight when I told her not for a little awhile. I love this pic of her pointing out two of the things she can't do for a little bit: 
Also, look at this sweet video message she received from some of her soccer teammates last night:

Love it!

Until later,

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