Tuesday, May 09, 2017

{soccer mom...round two}

When Lilli tried soccer about two years ago, it didn't go well. She was too timid, and she cried the two times she was willing to try it. What a difference two years can make! She had her first practice last night, and she LOVED it! She told me she was still a little scared, but you couldn't tell. I think it helped a lot that she knows multiple people on the team, and two of her coaches are Stephanie and Mau PDS. There is a lot of comfort there for her. Here are some pics from last night. She is the cute blondie with the lime green socks:)
 She was very excited to be paired up with her friend Star:
 Her favorite color is blue, so she was very excited about their jersey:

 Here she is getting some pointers from Coach Mau:

Here is a cute collage Stephanie put together. Check out what a good looking team this is!
I already have the minivan, so I've been ready to be a soccer mom for awhile :)

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