Wednesday, May 03, 2017

{No Spend May}

As a challenge for ourselves, and also to work to save more money, Ryan and I decided to attempt a No Spend May. This will entail not making any non-essential purchases for the entire month. Yep, the entire, LONG month of May. I was inspired to try this after reading about Ruth Soukup's Challenge to refrain from spending for 31 days:

Although only three days into this challenge, I can tell you that I have already been made aware of some of my mindless spending. For example, last night Lilli had gymnastics, and Caden asked for some money for the vending machine. Usually I don't think much of giving him $2, but yesterday I said no. I had both of the children's backpacks, so they had snacks in there. Although Caden wasn't too happy about my answer, he listened and grab a snack from his backpack. How much money have a wasted on unnecessary snacks? I am really looking forward to seeing how much money I have saved by the end of the month. 

Another way I am working to save money this month is by meal planning for the entire month. I first started by taking inventory of everything in our pantry and then both the regular freezer and the deep freeze. I had so much I had forgotten about! After writing everything down, I was able to come up with a meal plan for the entire month. I will just need to fill in with milk, eggs, and some other fresh produce (like bananas-I eat A LOT of bananas. I LOVE them!). Here is what our month plan looks like: 
It is nice to also have the links to the recipes right there, too. I think this may be something that I will continue to do even after this month. It will be better when trying to shop the sales at the grocery store.

I also realized I get a lot of email advertisements from different sites selling things. I took the time Monday night to unsubscribe to those in my inbox. Then the temptation to order things I don't need is removed a little more. Clearing up my inbox is another added bonus :)

Until later!


Amber B said...

Great job Barby! I commend you! It nice that both of you are on board!

The Ames Family said...

Thank you! It does make it much easier when we can hold each other accountable :) I freaked him out this morning when I told him we were almost out of toilet paper and would need to figure out how to stretch it to last. That was a joke, of course. Toilet paper is a necessity :)