Wednesday, May 24, 2017

{Green Bay Cellcom Marathon Relay recap}

Sunday was a great day. Weatherwise, not so much, but Ryan and I were part of a relay team for the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon:
It was so much fun to run with such great friends! This was the first time Ryan has done a larger run with me. Look how excited he was before the race:
We even got a message early that morning from two of our main cheerleaders:
They were hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa :) Here is how he felt after getting the pic from the kids:
Better, right?
The day started out pretty rainy, but it let up before Ryan and I had the third leg of the relay. It was great being able to do this together. Here are some other pics from the day:
We ran into some other Flowers while there :)
Ryan made the hand off to Matt.
Here is right after I made the hand off to Alexis. I was a little winded.
All the lovely ladies :)
Looking good with our medals :)
Ryan even agreed to run another relay with me in the fall :) See how happy he was after?
I hope this will be the next in many. I think he likes the hardware :)

Until later!

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