Tuesday, May 02, 2017

{Final thoughts about the Cabin}

Back to our mini-vacay in the little cabin:
I realized I did have a few more pics I wanted to share. I also think it is so funny that of all of the fancy and funs things we have done, the kids REALLY liked going to this little cabin. So much so that Lilli cried when we left! It is funny how it isn't the big things that mean so much to them, even though in my head they may be important. Another example of this was when Lilli and I were talking about summer break the other day. She asked if we would be able to have a picnic in the van again this summer like we did last summer. Honestly, all I did was get Subway once and pack lunches once and we ate them in the back of the van. I asked her if she really liked doing that, and she said she loved it and wanted to add it to her Summer Bucket List. Who would think that eating lunch in the back of a van would be so much fun? It's the little things. The important part about the cabin was simply that we were together. That is what is most important of all. Not the fancy toys or electronics. We all need to remember that.
My protector with his pellet gun.

Yes, they are playing well together!

Pure happiness...

Until later!

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