Monday, February 08, 2016

{Valentine's Prep 2016: Olaf and Pokemon...again!}

A year has passed, and the kiddos have requested the same themes for their Valentine's cards as last year. Like last year, I searched Pinterest for some ideas. I found this as an inspiration for Lilli's Olaf card and this one for Caden's Pokemon card. I was planning to simply print them right from each website, but I couldn't get the Olaf link to work. I ended up making my own. Here is what it looks like before adding the piece of chocolate:
 Too cute!

Caden still wanted Pokemon, so after looking at the inspiration one I made this one:
We added one Pokemon card and one little piece of chocolate in a little plastic candy favor bag I got at Hobby Lobby.

My goal for the kids was to have them start to work on signing some of the cards tonight so we wouldn't have to do them all in one night. They really got going, and they ended up finishing them all. Here they are hard at work:
We also made sure to double-check our lists tonight to include the Art teacher, Music teacher, Gym teacher, and the ladies in the front office. Everyone loves a little love at Valentine's Day :)

Here are the finished products:
Lilli's card:
Caden's card
Here are links to the cards if you want to use them, too. Feel free!
Until later!

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