Tuesday, February 02, 2016

{Snow Day: Sick Caden and a Valentine's Pig}

Snow Day! Snow Day! We are anticipating a big storm today, so all of the schools in the area are closed. It was nice going to bed last night knowing that an early morning did not await us :) Caden was home yesterday from school, so it is nice he has another day to rest. It all started early Saturday morning when he woke up with a bad stomach and was sick twice. We thought it was gone, because he was fine by Saturday night. He was fine Sunday, and he even went skiing. Monday he woke up, and his stomach really hurt again. He loves school, so there is no way it had anything to do with wanting to stay home. This morning he woke up again not feeling well :( Boo. Unfortunately, I have heard that whatever this bug is can hang on for two weeks and keep coming off an on. Let's hope that's not the case for Caden. I hate it when the kids are sick:
Daddy is at work (Don't worry, he will be home early), so Lilli and I have been hanging out while Caden has been sleeping. And yes, we are all still in our pajamas. (I think that is a written rule somewhere about Snow Days.) We have even chosen what Valentine we will make this year for her to give to her friends. It is super cute. It is really similar to last year's, because it again involves Olaf. I will share what we are doing later this week, because I want to start those so the kids have time to sign them a little bit at a time. Caden still needs to choose his design.

Another Valentine involved thing Lilli has loved lately is reading the book The Night Before Valentine's Day by Natasha Wing
It is a cute little story about a class preparing for Valentine's Day. There is one page she really likes, where the kids have made a Valentine's pig:
She was very excited when I told her we could make our own this morning. I just grabbed some scrap paper from my supplies, and I cut out a bunch of hearts for her:
She then sorted them to match up with the picture in the book:
Lilli put the pieces together. We couldn't find our glue stick, so we mostly used double-sided tape:
We also decided our pig would have arms and legs. We added some extra tape to the back to make sure we wouldn't lose a limb:
Lilli added the details to the face with a Sharpie:
It is a very pig :)
This was super easy, and she had a great time:
We decided the living room needed some Valentine decor:
She looks pretty happy, right?

Happy Snow Day!

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