Friday, February 26, 2016

{Happy half-birthday, Lilli!}

We don't really get into celebrating half-birthdays at our house, but we decided to change that this year with Lilli. Because her birthday is August 26th, she was bummed out that she doesn't get to bring in a birthday treat like her classmates who have birthdays during the school year. Today was her half-birthday, so we decided that this would be the perfect way for her to celebrate with her friends. We decided that we would send in a non-food treat for each kid and also a healthy snack. Lilli picked out some goodies at Party City with Grandma, and we worked on packing everything up last night:
 Look at this cute face:
Daddy then made a tag to include in the little snack-sized baggies. How cute are these?
Lilli then stuffed the bags with the tags as well. 

For a snack, we sent snack-sized bags of grapes and orange slices for each kiddo. Look how yummy these look:
Lilli was very excited about sharing her special (half) day with her friends. Now she won't feel so left out :) She said her friends really liked everything. 

I will try a little harder to keep you updated with what's going on? Did I mention Ryan and I went to Florida last weekend?

More later!

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