Monday, January 18, 2016

{Valentine's Day Teacher Gifts}

The Dollar Section at Target has some super cute Valentine's items. Of course it has already been there for a couple of weeks, so I would high-tail it there if you still want to grab some of the goodies. I checked it out on New Year's Eve, and I decided to grab some items to make little Valentine's gifts for the kids' teachers. I also added a few other things. Here is how they turned out:
 I started with these cute lidded jars with the chalkboard section on the front. I used a chalk marker to write each teacher's name on the front:
I found these magnetic bookmarks in the book section:
I was sold on the owls right away, and then I loved it when I realized they had eye charts on the back!
I got them each a slim candy bar that would fit well in the jars. These are $.99 in the candy aisle:
A few packs of BreathSavers:
Some of the owl tissues I bought in the fall (because they are the Oaklawn Owls):
Two pens each (I kept the black one for myself):
And I filled it up with Conversation Hershey kisses:
I plan to tape the lids to the back of the jar, and then I will put cellophane to wrap the jars up to keep the items inside.

Once I got home, it took around 5 minutes to put both of them together. Not too shabby, and I think they are pretty cute.

Until later!

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