Wednesday, January 27, 2016

{Quick update about our creations}

Over the last month, we have been a pretty crafty family. First I told you about the kids and mama painting some pottery here. I love how the pieces turned out. Here are some pics:
Lilli with her hedgehog:
 Here is Caden with his bank:
This is what my mug looks like:
Then I shared about my date night and some glass fusing here. Ryan and I were able to pick up that piece, and I LOVE the final result. Isn't it gorgeous?
The next time we have people over, we will be using this to serve something on. The kids love it because there is a spot that looks like an egg on it:
Here's a close-up:
We plan to head back to make some more creations soon. Have you done anything creative lately?

Until later!

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Diane said...

Very nice!