Friday, January 01, 2016

{My resolution: One Thing at a Time}

Happy New Year! Last year my resolution was the word: simplify. I think I did okay, but we can all improve. 

This year my goal is going to be to work on one single phrase that will impact many different areas of my life: One thing at a time. I am a multi-tasker. Many times I take pride in the fact that I can complete many things (usually successfully) simultaneously. The big problem is that another thing I have going for me is some ADD. Yes, I most definitely have this. I will be halfway through something when I remember I have to do something else. Ryan's favorite story was one time when I was getting ready for bed and putting on my pajamas. I had my shirt pulled halfway off when I realized I needed to do something else. I walked over to the shelf to grab what I thought of while I had the shirt still half off of me... Yes, it's a problem. I will plan to just leave task one for a minute and then come back to it. While on the way to flip the laundry, for example, I will see something that needs to be put away. Pretty soon, I have been sidetracked by four different things and I never flipped the laundry... Yes, it will still get done, but I think I can just embrace whatever task on which I am working and see it through. I know that if I am folding laundry and hear the dryer chime my first instinct is to stop folding to flip the laundry. That laundry will be fine for the five more minutes it will take me to finish folding.
I think this One thing at a time goal will slow things down overall for me. And I am really good with that :) Do you have a New Year's Resolution for this year?

Until later!

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