Monday, January 11, 2016

{date night: glass fusing + other weekend happenings}

Last week was a busy week, as you could probably tell with the single post, but Ryan and I still found time for a date night Friday. Yay! We were lucky that Aunt Chris (Prust) was able to watch the kiddos. 

I wanted to do more than just go out to dinner, so I switched it up. We are going to rotate each month who gets to choose what we do. This month was my choice. We headed to Appleton and went to The Fire Art Studio to do some glass fusing. We decided to make a two-section serving plate. We worked on it together. We started by deciding to go with an abstract design. Then we checked the pre-broken pieces to see what we could use that was already cut for us. After will filled it in a bit, Ryan then cut some other pieces in colors we liked. Here he is looking all dapper while he cuts some glass:
Here is our dish with all of the pieces on it:
It won't look like a dish until after they fuse the pieces together. We will be able to pick it up this Friday after they fuse it. I am really anxious to see how it turns out. Here are a couple other pics:
I told Ryan that I think we look so tired in the pics. He informed me that was because we were tired :)

After we were done with our creation, we headed to dinner at the Appleton Beer Factory. We had never been there before, but we had heard great things. We really liked it. Ryan also liked the pickled egg that Pat told Ryan to try:
It was a great night.

The great weekend continued the next morning when I woke up and met a lovely group of ladies at 7:30 for a snowy 3.5 mile run. I have not run in a LONG time, but I survived. Thank you to the push from Stephanie, I will be running a leg of a marathon relay in April. Lilli wanted to snuggle a bit when I got home:
Can you tell we are matching?
I also mastered (for me) this French braid thing:

We had Ryan's office Christmas party at our house Saturday night, so it was a pretty packed weekend. All in all, lots of fun! But back into the swing of things today. This is the last week of the semester at my high school, so I will do my best to post more this week :)

Until later!

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